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Inspired by Halfeti (Halfeti 100ml EDP)

Inspired by Halfeti (Halfeti 100ml EDP)

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Halfeti EDP 100ml

Based on the Fragrance Halfeti

Indulge your senses in a luxurious fragrance, evoking the exotic trade routes of the Middle East. A harmonious blend of grapefruit, rose, saffron, and armoise opens this captivating scent, leading into a heart of jasmine, violet, and muguet. The sophisticated blend concludes with a rich, musky bouquet of amber, resins, leather, and oud. Elevate your senses with this woody floral fragrance, Inspired by Halfeti.

We use very similar notes to provide a fragrance that is similar in identity.
Fragrance Strength Information
We use the highest strength of each of our fragrance blends that is recommended.
On average, we use approximately a 25% concentration, which is higher than the average
EDP which is around 8-14%, meaning our fragrances will last longer and be more intense

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