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Why Choose Dupe Fragrances Over Original Ones?

This is the question we are often asked most! In reality, a lot of marketing goes into designer perfumes - this includes TV advertising, paying models to promote it and prime time TV adverts.

All of this costs a huge amount of money (literally millions) and this is built in to the price of your fragrance.

We can offer you designer inspired perfumes without all the added extra costs - meaning you get designer inspired fragrances for a great price!

Why pay more when you can get dupe perfumes from the Fragrance Atelier?

It's simple! We have worked with perfumes and perfume oil for over half a decade, meaning that perfume dupes really are our business! Designer inspired perfumes are what we are passionate about - this means blending and mixing hundreds of scents to find the ones which are best!

We stock most of the favourite scents that are requested, but if you have a specific request, please just drop us a line!

Why Choose The Fragrance Atelier dupe inspired Perfumes?

We cut all the cost out associated with designer brands; ultimately whether you wear the original or one of our dupes, we can ensure that when you wear one of our designer inspired perfumes, you'll smell pretty much as amazing as wearing the original.

The main difference is in the cost! We solely sell our fragrances online to ensure we cut as much cost out of the process as possible, enabling us to pass the savings directly onto you!

Are perfume dupes worth it?

If you buy dupe perfume dupes from The Fragrance Atelier, then yes! Our affordable prices mean that our fragrances are so cost effective that you don't have to worry about using your favourite smell.

Our signature scent range is ideal for yourself or a gift.

We let our customers speak for us; they love our fragrances! Whether they are buying a dupe of baccarat rouge or the latest mens perfume - they know they'll be getting the quality they expect!

Do you stock long lasting fragrances?

Yes! We use the maximum fragrance concentration in our scents to give great value for money on all of our fragrances and perfume.

Whether you are looking for strong base note, black opium inspired perfumes or tom ford inspired scents, we have got you covered! Our scent factory, based in Cheshire hand pours and mixes all of our fragrances.

We offer all our products in eau de parfum, meaning they are strong, long lasting designer inspired fragrances.

Our iconic perfume dupes are great for a gift or a treat for yourself, without breaking the bank

How do your dupe fragrances compare to the real thing?

Our designer inspired perfumes are long lasting, using quality ingredients.

We use premium glass bottles for all are perfumes and cologne products, meaning we can give those woody, luxury or fresh fragrances you are after, at great value for money, great quality and a great price - literally a fraction of the original price!

Are your fragrances quality?

Yes! We use a UK supply chain to ensure all of our bases and oils are of a premium quality and used by some of the largest fragrance businesses in the UK.

All of our designer inspired scents are long lasting and great quality, and smells just like the real thing, with near identical notes on most of our fragrances

What do you offer in your fragrance collection?

Our fragrances and scent profiles are matched with great skill to ensure the scent range is very close to the original - in our blind scent tests, we couldn't tell the difference on most of our fragrances!

We ensure the scent profile (smell) of the perfume is as close to the original perfume as we can.

We understand that the smell is one of the most important factors when purchasing a fragrance, so we know the perfume needs to smell so close to the original perfume - after all, who wants their iconic perfume, that doesn't smell like it!

Do you stock some of the most iconic perfume?

Delivering designer inspired iconic perfume is our passion!

Our perfumes - which are both ideal for men and women, are inspired by some of the biggest designers such as Tom Ford and Jo Malone.

Whilst we have no affiliation with these perfume houses, we know we can deliver long lasting dupe perfumes.

Designer inspired fragrances

We know that a perfume shop should have wide range of perfumes - whether they be cheap perfumes or expensive ones.

Our perfumes may have a lower price, but they are eau de fantastic in value.

Our perfumes are our passion - and we're confident they will be yours! We know that perfumes play an important part in making you feel good - this is our business - based on good quality & good price.

Do the smells mimic the original scents?

Yes! We ensure when we purchase all of the raw ingredients to make your bottle of perfume, that the smells are identical or near identical in profile - without the price tag.

Our perfume for men and women is long lasting! Whether you are looking for a fresh scent for summer, or heavier base notes for winter, we guarantee fantastic value for money - with the quality to match!

How can you offer fragrances at a low price?

Our core aim is to offer quality perfume and fragrances, at a great price! We can do this by ensuring when we create the perfumes, we do not spend excessively on marketing and gimmicks, but instead on great value scents!

We know how fragrance smells is the key satisfaction driver - and we focus on the quality and price balance to ensure this.

We ensure that our customers are not priced out of smelling great! You'll be soon getting compliments on how good you smell! Our luxury range is great, and won't break the bank - and all for a fraction of the price.

Enjoy the same scent notes and save on your favourite bottle today, without spending on a luxury price tag!

Designer inspired perfumes without the price tag!

The original fragrance of most big brands do not contain any magical ingredients (despite the marketing telling you otherwise!)

The price is dictated solely by paying for the name of the brand of your favourite perfume or cologne. You don't need the big brand to get the big compliments!

We hand pick our luxury fragrance oils, safe for most skin types, and our collection is

wide and ever expanding so you can discover a new favourite today - for a fraction of the price.

Based in the UK, we make sure all our fragrances use a UK supply chain so we know that when we say made in the UK, it really is! Discover a new world of scent and browse our dupe fragrance collection today,

Fragrances at a fraction of the price - with a wide collection, satisfied customers and great prices!

The notes are everything in a fragrance - and notes are what we love. Whether its the top notes, mid notes or bottom notes, we ensure that we match as closely as possible to the original brands to ensure the collection we have is a great price - and why our customers love our spicy fragrance notes, out woody fragrances notes and our floral fragrance notes - all at an affordable price. Our customers really are our passion - and we are happy to share our collection of fragrances with them - at an affordable price!


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