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Inspired by Aventus (Aventos 100ml EDP)

Inspired by Aventus (Aventos 100ml EDP)

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Aventos EDP 100ml

Based on the Fragrance Aventus
Introducing Inspired by Aventus, a remarkable fragrance that pays homage to the iconic
Creed scent. Experience tantalizing fruity top notes of apple, blackcurrant, pink pepper,
and bergamot, followed by a fresh and fruity heart of jasmine, pineapple, and patchouli.
This bold and elegant men's perfume is completed with a rich, woody base of oakmoss,
cedarwood, and birch. Embrace the luxury and sophistication of this premium scent.


We use very similar notes to provide a fragrance that is similar in identity,

Fragrance Strength Information

We use the highest strength of each of our fragrance blends that is recommended in line with the current legislation. On average, we use approximately a 25% concentration, which is higher than the average EDP which is around 8-14%, meaning our fragrances will last longer and be more intense

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